Prof. Dr. Achmad Syawqie

YPKP Indonesian Public Health Observer and first convenor of Asia Harm Reduction

Monday June 28

Opening Remarks

Prof. Dr. Achmad Syawqie Yazid, Drg. MS is a public health educator, researcher, and advocate in Indonesia. With three decades of teaching experience, he is a Lecturer at the Department of Anatomical Pathology of the Universitas Padjadjaran, where he authored and co-authored academic journals on cancer biology, cell culture, molecular cell biology, gene expression, and immunohistochemistry. In 2015, he founded the Indonesian Public Health Observer Foundation (Yayasan Pemerhati Kesehatan Publik) to raise awareness and promote engagement on disease prevention through harm reduction studies and campaigns. Currently, he is focused on communicating the potentials offered by alternative tobacco products in addressing the smoking problem in the country.