Clive Bates

Counterfactual Consulting Ltd. Director

Monday June 28

“WHO, FCTC, and Why COP Matters”

Mr. Clive Bates, current director of Counterfactual Consulting Limited, an organization based in Abuja, Nigeria and London, UK dedicated to public interest policy consulting and analytical advocacy, is a staunch advocate for environment and public health, sustainability, energy, and good governance. He possesses a knack for spotting risks and opportunities from various points-of-view due to his extensive experience and involvement in a variety of institutions. To name a few, he has served as Head of the UN Environmental Programme, the leading global environmental authority, in Sudan; Special Advisor to the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change; and Director of Action on Smoking and Health (A.S.H.), an international organization working towards eliminating harm caused by tobacco.