WHO WE ARE Asian Harm Reduction Forum

The Asian Harm Reduction Forum is a non-profit and interdisciplinary organization that empowers and enjoins individuals, communities, and the government to make informed health-related decisions through accessible information, engaging discussions, and a supportive environment.

Our mission is the promotion and protection of overall public well-being by encouraging the integration of harm reduction in the creation of health policies and programs. Specifically, our objectives are:


To provide a global platform for leading experts, researchers, legislators, and thinkers to discuss emerging issues, practices, and policies on harm reduction, public health, and policy formulation;


To exchange and disseminate evidence-based information, effective applications, and practical solutions that can address societal health challenges and contribute to the improvement of collective well-being among members of the Asian region and the world; and


To expand the collaborative community of professionals and supporters, and increase the support in the organization that can effectively forward the advocacy on harm reduction and health promotion on a wider scale.

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